Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cousin Sister Bachelor Party (delay post)

      The party starts at 7pm, before the party my parents decided to bring me to UTAR since the university is having an open day. We leave Klang about 1pm due to my lack of sleep which cos me to wake up at DSC0197312pm since I slept at 10am.. Moreover, after this setback, another problem had appeared. It seem my dad’s car tyre has punctured then lucky there is a tyre shop nearby. We managed to change in time and our journey was smooth although there are heavy Saturday traffic on the Federal and Kesas Highway. We reached there about 2pm and it was drizzling all way from Klang to P.J Utar. Although it was an open day but no many people was there so it was a good chance for my parents to ask a lot of question which doubt in their mind. At there I saw a woman which recognize me because she came as a representative for UTAR campus when myDSC01970 school held the Carrier Week event and she was the one which came and help my parents to clear their doubt question in their mind . We went back at 3 plus and reached home at 4.40pm.









 Although there was a minor traffic jam at Klang town, but luckily we managed to reach Klang by 5pm because the party starts at 7pm but we have to go early cos we need to help out to arrange the table out.. Before we went to the party, my 3rd aunt and 2nd aunt from Banting came and visited us at our house.. Besides that, they also had brought some chicken redang along with them, which is my auntie’s signature dish for us to enjoy..

By 6pm we get prepared our self to go my uncle’s house which is just a few meter away but we go there by car because although is near but we are lazy to walk.. Hahaha… My brother and dad went there early than us because they need to help my uncle out..

After 30minutes, we decideDSC01977d to leave the house and make a move there.. We reached there quite early so there are no guest present yet and the tables is not really arrange properly, then my dad ask me to help out so the work can be done at much faster rate..

By 7pm, the night dinner is serve and guest slowly appeared for the party.. Besides dinner, liquor were also served DSC01976and it is free flow.. The liquor included Carlsberg beer, Wine, and Chivas Regal which is a hard liquor..


So my cousin and I had the dinner too and besides that we had plan to have some beer or wine later after we finish our meal.. Plus my dad give me some permission to drinkDSC01979 some wine.. So I just took half a cup of wine in front of him.. The wine taste is not very nice so I didn’t take much.. It taste bitter, watery and mushy..

Once after dinner, my cousin from Kapar had arrived.. Soon after they arrived, my 3rd uncle told us later must go inside for a meeting about the Malacca trip..

As my cousin enjoy their dinner, Kai Boon, Ah Kai, me and myDSC02006bro took some beer and we drank.. Although it is a bit bitter but it taste much more than the wine !…




Before the meeting started, Kai Boon and me had already DSC02014drank about 3 can each.. So we a re quite high that time.. Besides high, we are sleepy too.. I think it is because of the effect of the alcohol…..

After my cousin finishes their dinner, we was called in to the meeting, it waDSC01989s about the schedule and all.. So I just take a look and I chaoz after that because is was boring !.. lolx.. It was just a short meeting though… 

After the meeting, my cousin and I wanted to take some picture as memory, so we went up the 2ndDSC01991 floor and took some picture for our memory.. 

After the photo session, we continue drinking and my cousin, Ah Kai play gamble card with us.. The rule is whoever lose must drink half a cup of beer.. So we play for 7 round and guess what, I lose the most so I drank the most there.. I drank about 3 can there.. So I am like so high and a bit of drunk.. lolx…


After the 7th round, I quit because the game is getting boring since 3 people played.. Then my cousin came late so he was forced to drink with the big boys.. As you can see at the picture he was dragged in to the drinking party..  He was punish to drink along with them.. They finish one bottle of Chivas and they still dragging him to drink..


So I went to the toilet to ease off my bladder than I saw my small cousin plaDSC02020ying inside the room, so I just took some picture without their notice so i can post it the blog.. Besides my small cousin, my cousin sister which is younger than me are there too.. So I just take their picture and they was mad at me and demanded me to delete.. So I just ran away before they can take my phone.. !! lol..


After I ran away, I was told that my dad had vomitted because he drank too much, so I called my sister took take care of my dad and I go find mum.. However my mum was not there cause she was sending my grandmother back to Port Klang..

Once she is back, my cousin from Kapar has already go back but luckily I managed to say bye ! to them and we can meet again next week !! so they left around 10pm.. After they left, I continue to drink 2 more can, and it was the last because my dad need to go back and rest.. So I just stop drinking and say Bye ! to everyone.. As I was walking, I could feel I wasn’t walking straight so I just run towards the car and go back home..

When reached home, I took my bath and I go online for awhile to chat and update my plurk ! Besides that, after drinking 8 can and 1 cup of wine, I can feel myself damn tired and wanted to sleep, so I went offline and slept straight away.!!DSC01994



Well is just a random few shot that we have took that day.. I think this is where I sign off.. Anyway this is a delay post.. This event took place on last 2week which is 3rd of Jan which is a Saturday.. Sorry for the late post !… G00dbye !.. Miss you all very much !..

Signning off,


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Week of Office Life

This is the second week of my working life.. I felt that I really tired of it.. Sigh.. I wish I could spend more time with my friends and my family.. I misses them a lot especially my cousins and family..

Ever since I started working, time and day is like so precious and so fast it went by.. By just glimpse of my eyes it went by and there goes another fresh morning for you to start over again..

Moreover my daily routine is so fixed and I don’t really like it anyway.. This how my daily routine goes.. 7.30am wake up and be ready for work.. 9.30am reach office and start work.. After listening to some phone calls, entertain some guest, check out the fax machines and incoming faxes, sort out the incoming mails, and etc is already time for lunch..

By 1.30pm come back from lunch and start to work back and there goes the work or job scope cycle again.. When 6pm comes, that means ‘BANG KANG’ or time to head home, but I have NO CAR !! so have to wait for my uncle to tumpang balik.. Guess what time I go back??..

After the long wait and some free OT or lending a helpful hand to my workmates, is already 7.30pm.. !! Argh !! What to do, no car, no license, no nothing to go back so the only option work and wait lo.. !! Sigh..

After the long wait, traffic jam, and holdback, by the time I reach Bkt Kemuning is already 8.30pm.. By 9.30pm, I only can rest down after having my dinner and bath.. Guess what ? My dinner can’t cure my hungry-ness also.. So I have to eat supper one shot !! because I don’t really have my LUNCH or BRANCH always that means from 9.30am till 8.30pm my stomach is hungry and only digest some snacks I had to during work hours !..

Where as for today, I had one big plate of white rice, 2 cup of maggi mee, and 1 apple.. The maggi mee is like so little and I can finish it with 3 big mouth full.. Haiz.. zzz. !! Working life, can’t do much also..

After 9.30pm, wait for 30min then go to room sleep liao !! Wake up the next morning continue the same routine again !! Easy right, so fixed right ! but at least I get some experience of working life and some salary too..

Well that is the good thing, but every good thing comes with a bad thing also..


  1. Corporate life is tough and full with BACKSTABBERS !.
  2. Very fixed routine plus no NIGHT-LIFE for certain people.
  3. Talk less with close friends, cousins, family or “introvert’
  4. 2 to 4 meals a day..
  5. Get fat easily cause basically you just sit down in the office and don’t work out.
  6. Coffee addicted..
  7. Not enough sleep always..
  8. Time passes by a glimpse..
  9. Lunch a day minimum 7bucks that means RM 35 for 5 days without your first salary..
  10. Dress code is so formal and quite uncomfortable for us..
  11. Since I am 18, that means I am the YOUNGEST there !
  12. Since you a part timer, be prepare of BULLY !
  13. Part timer also meaning CLEANING other department’s WORK or SORT it OUT !
  14. Workmates aren’t always FRIENDLY !
  15. CYA or Cover Your Ass so that you don’t get shoot by the MANAGER or MANYZER !!
  16. MSN is temporary out since you don’t have the time to go online..
  17. Same to BLOGGING !!
  18. CUSTOMER is always RIGHT ! so can’t show your temper at them !
  19. BOSS is always RIGHT too !
  20. Last but not least, work more, talk less, never say you are FREE, close one eye and PRETEND whenever you CAN !

Sigh.. By seeing the list above you can know what is CORPORATE LIFE.. Maybe I am getting tired and sick of it but no matter what we still have to go thru it in our life.. Argh and Sigh!!!..

I think this is all for now, before I sign off, I would to say I do have one more post which I can post it on time which is about my cousin sister bachelor party that is held 3rd of January.. I will post it by this Saturday hopefully.. I really gotta go now.. Will update soon.. Bye guys ! plus I miss you all a lot !!

Signning off,


Monday, January 12, 2009

Picture of A Day Trip to Malacca (Clearer View)
















Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Day Trip to Malacca


It was a cool and windy Saturday morning, at 7am my parents wake me up to go to my uncle house to attend the wedding ceremony.. It was a blast there with all my cousin and uncle auntie.. The bridegroom car reach my uncle house form Malacca at about 9.30am.. When it reaches, he and his buddies was being played by the bride’s friend which is the ‘Pengapit’.. After the groom manage to pass thru the part, the tea ceremony is held… The new bride and groom must serve tea to the elderly which is an old Chinese custom to show some respect.. After the ceremony it was a short leisure time for us to prepare our self to Malacca..



After every one stated to leave the house, so are we but the bus is no where to be seen… We waited for 10 minutes then bus arrived.. So I ask my cousin Chui Chui to sit beside me for the whole day, so we no need to change partner always.. We all aboard the bus about 11.30am and the bus leave at 11.40am to Malacca.. Along the way, my cousin and I are really bored and it is a 2 hour journey to the destination, so I bought some snack and refreshment for them to eat along the way.. Luckily I didn’t forget to bring my headset along so I wouldn’t be boring..


Although the road trip is a 2 hour journey, but my cousin and I didn’t feel it because we have been talking all the way to the groom’s parents house.. We talk so many stuff until my mouth is numb and out of topic to talk.. We both had share a lot of points of view, experience, stories and personal thoughts.. She had also knew the other side of me which no one knew and it will always be a secret.. Ngek ngek ngek…


At first we will have to the groom’s parents house for visiting and and prayers.. We also had our lunch their also.. After the lunch, my cousin and I visit around the house.. Wow!! the groom’s childhood house is damn freaking nice.. The house is like an old english setting and it is so ideal for a couple to stay..

DSC02058_thumb[9]After lunch, we went to check in at Makhota Apartment.. At there we managed to take a 2 hour rest before our dinner at 7pm which is in the Renaissance Hotel.. The apartment that we check in is at 17th floor, so it is a problem while waiting the lift to go up and down.. Although 17th floor is very high and it scary while looking down but we do have the best look of the whole city which is the Bandar Hilir.. As we took our time resting at there, we were waiting for our turn to take our bath.. Lucky we have the time to wait everyone to take their bath.. After our we settle everything down, we have to dress up for the night dinner.. Everyone dress formally because the dinner is held at a 5 star hotel…


After finishing dressing and resting we have to check out since everyone agree to go back Klang once after dinner.. So we passes the key to the hotel and we leaved the apartment at 6.15pm.. Then we have to sit bus to the Renaissance Hotel for our night dinner which is located quite a few blocks away from our apartment.. It just took 15 minutes to reach there..

Once we reached there, my cousin and I took a few great pictures to keep it as memory.. After the photo session, we went up to the ballroom for our dinner.. The dinner starts at 8.30pm but we were at the ballroom since 7pm.. So we waited for quite a long time there.. Plus I HATE the arrangement of the seating because it was mixed up and i have to sit with other people which I dont know.. Luckily we managed to change table with my uncle so we can sit together.. Lol..

Once all the guest had arrive, the dinner starts.. The opening dish was not very nice but since we were all hungry we finishes up everything.. Lolx.. Then Kai Boon which is my cousin decided to have some alcohol for fun.. So we ask the waiter to give us 2 cup of beer and wine.. We finish up everything and we were quite high at the time plus his face was red while I am normal..

The dinner finishes at 11pm, then we managed to take some picture with the bride and groom.. Before we leaved the table Chui Chui and me called the waitress which serve our table, and the we told her that is service that you serve us is very great !! then she smile at us and say thank you.. lolx…

Once the dinner is over, we head back to Klang.. While in the bus, all of our cousin took some nice picture plus I am quite high with alcohol and I just join in without any holdback.. Then we reached Klang at 1pm and we were so tired but along the way, my cousin and I had talk a lot about the memory we shared and the tragedy that happen to us.. From the way she say, now I really understand her well.. After the road trip, we just say goodbye and it will be a long time to come until we managed to meet again.. Sigh... How I wish yesterday can be repeat again.. Sigh but what has passed is already passed.. Nevermind I just hope we dont have to wait so long for our reunion and our meeting time can be long and frequently..

I think this is where I stop for now.. Will be back soon !!.. Anyway before i sign off, I just wanna tell how I really misses my cousin.. They are really really great and I love them very very very much and how I wish I can see them and hang out with them always..Sigh..Well that is all for now.. Bye ! Miss you all cousin !!..

Signing off,


Monday, January 05, 2009

First Day of Work !

Today is the most tiring day of all, Sigh.. I tried to sleep at 12.30am but end up I slept at 1.30am.. Then that is not all, the best part comes when I wake up again at 2.30am then the nightmare begin..

Since I wake up at 2.30am due to some noise from the environment I am awake until 5.30am.. Pity me and it is the 1st day of work for me.. Luckily I managed to fall asleep back at 6am but then quiet time aint last for long.. There goes my alarm at 7am… Zzz.. Lucky I put my alarm at 7am so that I can sleep more for around 30min..

Waking at 7.45am, I quickly prepared myself and everything.. I leave my aunt house at 8.30am and reached the office at 9.40am.. On the way to the office we dropped to a restaurant to have our morning breakfast before going to work..

I am quite nervous when I was there for the few hours, blur, lack of instruction, and dont know how the job works.. After a few hours has pass by my job is getting more and more busy..

Once reached lunch time, my work has been ease and abit ndrelease.. I didnt went for lunch so that I could clear up the mess on my table..

I am relieved after I managed to clear up the mess on my table and it seems after lunch time, my work has become so free until I managed to relax and slowly finish up the remaining job..

Although I managed to finish my job early but unfortunately I still have to wait for my uncle to finish up his job so we can go back together. ! After waiting for more than an hour finally is time to head home and I was like W00Hoo !..

When I straight reached home, I went a took a bath, Wow is so so so so relaxing man !.. My aunt took the rice from my grandma house and it was like so so big, but luckily I managed to finish everything up.. Hmm maybe I am too hungry gua ? lolx..:D

Ok la that is all for now.. Will update my blog again soon ! By the way, Thanks GSW for helping me to plurk !!..

Signing Off,


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Leaving for work !

Well, I am working by tomorrow with my uncle. Since I am working in Damansara as a receptionist so I will stay at my uncle house for the following few months to come.. Sigh cant really see my friends and all. The worse is my normal routine is going to be a big changed e.g have to wake up early, do chores, cant online always, must sleep before 12 and all so it is gonna be tough for me but I think I can handle it without any big problem. I will be back to Klang only on Saturday and Sunday.. This few weeks is going to be busy with my schedule since CNY is around the corner and there are many things I have not done yet such as my CNY shopping lol..
I think I will only go shopping with my aunty once I get my first salary hehe...

Anyway to my brotha and sista, sorry for not telling u guys I have already started my work.. Hope you all understand.. By the way I cant always hang out with you guys like last time anymore since I will be back only on the weekends. Promise you guys to come back and visit you all whenever I can and free.. Wish you guys all the best for looking part time job.. As for Brothas which are going to college soon, I wish you all the best and put more effort in..

As for classmates and close friends, Sorry guys, cant hang out often with you all.. Promise will keep in touch with you guys.. Same thing to my friends which is going to college or working soon, I wish you all the best and good luck in everything. May God bless you all always.. Pls feel free to message me or call me whenever you guys can..

Well I think that is all for now, will update my blog soon with my current event which took place.. Take care.. Bye.. Gonna MISS you guys so much and the person who always call me GILA !!

Signing Off,
Joel Tee

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Update !

Wow..Is been so long my blog is dead.. Well I think is time I should post an Update.. Been to Genting Highland with my Brotha’s but unfortunately our Sista cant make it to the trip.. Overall is a nice trip and we enjoyed together for the 4 days at Genting..

Genting 24

Genting 27

After the trip, I was so tired and slept for more than 12 hours, well is common for me to do cos I everyday slept at 5am and wake up at 5pm.. Ever since my SPM has over my sleeping time has got messed up and all !. Well who cares.. Life really changes a lot after the exam e.g. mood get bad very fast, life for now is very boring, facing the laptop for more than 5 hours daily, jobless, broke, always been sleeping till late afternoon, and many more.. Since now is already 2009, my lifestyle must change so the bad habit can be change..

Genting 39

Before Soya went to NS, we did a small farewell party for him at his house which is on the 23th of Dec.. Party started at 6.30 but by 9.00pm the BBQ only start so is like waiting for so long to start.. Sigh but nevermind at least the party go on.. By 12 midnight we started to clean up the stuff and some of us planned to go to Cyber after that.. After cleaning up and some discussion, around 9 of us go to SINO at 1am… We played dota for about 3 hours then when the credit finish is already near to 5am.. So we all went to Kayu to have a morning breakfast.. After the breakfast we sitted at there till 7am before Soya send me home.. After reaching home I straight call my mum, telling her I just came back from Soya house since I didnt informed her that I didnt came back to sleep and I lie to her by saying I overnight at Soya house instead of going Cyber.. hehe.. Lucky I managed to overcome the problem and didnt get scolded.. Weee !

Erm.. I think that is all for now lo.. Still got alot more to write but I am tired already.. Will be back wit more update..

Signing Off..


Genting 16

Genting 2 Genting 18

Genting 31